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How do I create a number plate with IdentiPlate?

Number plates

Here at we have a simple easy-to-use number plate builder. Find it on our homepage.

Steps to create to your number plate:

1) Simply enter the registration number in the “your reg” box provided. You should see a preview of the registration text below this.

2) Time to choose any side badges (if wanted). Since 1st January 2021, consequently, because of the UK leaving the European Union (also known as Brexit) the EU flag is now no longer permitted to be displayed on newly manufactured number plates. There are a number of permitted flags designs with accompanying texts that can be applied to your number plate. These include variations of all the UK countries and accompanying text. Perfect for the patriotic.

3) Want your number plate to stand out from the crowd? Why not try our 3D printed font? It can give that extra stylish touch to your plate. The 3D printed font can also be applied to motorbike number plates.

4) You can also choose to have a border of any colour to truly customise your number plate.

5) Choose the correct size you need from the drop down menu.

6) Ensure the quantity boxes for the number of plates needed for front and rear are set to your requirements. The default quantity number is 1 front plate and 1 rear plate. For motorcyclists just set the front default plate quantity to 0.

7) Press the Buy Now button. Choose whether to purchase our fixing kit at only £2.95. Our fixing kit has both adhesive and screws included to fix your replacement number plate to your vehicle the way you want.

7) Enjoy the benefits of a secure checkout and free first class Signed For® delivery service.

What will be written at the bottom of my number plate?

In accordance with DVLA guidelines we have to put our supplier name and postcode on the registration plate.

This will simply read “IdentiPlate” and our postcode. However, this footer will be small and discreet. We are not permitted to put any other text you may request on the number plate.

Why is it important to get a number plate from a DVLA registered number plate supplier?

You can only get a road legal number plate through a DVLA registered supplier. Quite simply, any other plate used on the road would be a breach of the law. Anything that does not conform to the given standard such as misspaced characters, a font that isn’t Charles Wright 2001 or a slogan where the supplier name should be will fail its MOT and leave you vulnerable to the possibility of being pulled over by the police and liable to prosecution.

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