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Thinking of purchasing a replacement bike number plate? You’ve come to the right place.
Here at we provide the highest quality DVLA approved replacement plates for great value and free delivery. We offer font and border customisation with the simple easy to use plate builder.

There are a great number of bike number plate manufacturers in the UK who will make plates for you but unfortunately don’t conform to legal standards. Here at you can rest assured that all our bike registration plates are road legal.

Bike number plate manufacturers that don’t comply with the given standards are breaking the law as it is illegal to create a number plate for the road without first seeing some form of documentation. All number plates made by a UK company which contain a registered UK license number must by law comply with the standards set out by the DVLA. This includes the footer of the number plate which must contain the number plate suppliers name and postcode. The reason for this is obviously to allow for standardisation of plates of all vehicles on the road which will allow for easier reading of lettering on your number plate by authorities and cameras.

If you want to get an illegitimate, non legal, bike number plate made up for your road bike you’re going to have to go to an underground and ungoverned plate manufacturer. You don’t know entirely what you’re getting. But, at the end of the day, the hassle may be greater than it is worth. You could end up with a fine along with a police order to put a road legal bike plate back on anyway. There is some future legislation planned to further govern the supply and use of unlawful bike number plates. It is rumoured that Northern Ireland will be brought into line and non conforming bike plates will have a different color background. This is to combat people who buy non conforming number plates and then use them on the public road. The DVLA are doing a crackdown on the manufacturers who illegally supply non conforming number plates which are used on the road. It is an offence to display these plates on the public road.

How can I customise my bike plate?

We offer 3D printed font as well as the standard black to give your bike an edge. We offer flags, symbols and you can choose a border of any colour. You can make your plate your own.

What will be written on the footer of my number plate?

In small lettering ‘IdentiPlate’ and our postcode. So discreet it won’t take away from the appearance of your plate.

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